Riders' Rest: In France, no-one can hear you scream
May Bank Holiday 4th - 6th May 2008
The South East Massive Invaded France and Set up A Forward Operating Base at Riders Rest

17 bikes of all shapes and sizes were safely parked up once everyone was here, I did enjoy riding
up to the Motorway to meet the 3 parties to lead them in...

Once in all bikes were securely parked in the garages. everyone sorted with a bed and once hot showered
Wendy had a superb curry on the table and a Veggie alternative... Of course there was copious amounts of wine and beer.

After a good nights kip aided by good food drink and company, people got them selves sorted out for a short ride out to Oradour-Sur-Glane
Via some of the best kept twisty roads in the area.

After a hearty Full English bikes washed and polished, Chains lubbed and visors de-bugged we set off

and then back to Riders Rest for a BBQ late into the next morning.

Monday 5th May 2008
The weather had changed from the brilliant Sunshine of Saturday and Sunday so we did a quick blast in the morning
Wendy rode pillion which always leads to some action shots of bikes...  So after the ritual cleaning of bikes and checking of chains etc
we waved bye bye to Scott head back to the UK we were ready for the off...


Once back at Riders Rest the weather became slightly damp chancing it some of us rode out to Tulle - Big mistake
we were deluged so much my 100% waterproof satnav fizzled and popped sadly to work no more - Drowned!
Wendy sensibly stayed at home and prepared the evening meal.

The recovery Trailer came in handy and we recovered one of the bikes.

The evening meal and the ensuing nights consumption of Beer, Wine, Cider and some other strange stuff in a bottle
went with many broad grins and tales of twisties and groans from those who were returning home in the morrow...

Tuesday 6th May 2008
Sadly some people had to go home something called work...

The rest of us - well we just had to go out for a ride to Lac Vassiviere

The survivors ;)